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Ms. Regina with grandaughter Brinley at a
Cheer Power Competition!


Ty Symons, Vice President
of American Cheer Power

Symons runs the production of all Cheer Power events
and was in charge of the
D2 Summit in Tampa!



"My name is Deborah Sprewell and I am the gym owner for San Diego Show. I just want to say thank you for all you do for us small gyms. I have been coming to the Las Vegas competition for the last 5 years and it is my biggest family draw, Not only because it's Las Vegas but because we never feel invisible here. My parents feel welcomed, my athletes feel like they matter in the process of warm-up to mat, (not push through like cattle), and myself as a gym owner/coach I feel every time we go to this competition win or lose it was the right decision, for my athletes, for my business. The gentlemen in the back are on top of everything and kind at the same time. But the main reason for this email is, last week I was reading over the D2 summit info and as I read it I thought, there they go again (Cheerpower) advocating  for the small gym! So again I say THANK YOU!! 

Warm Regards,

Deborah Sprewell

San Diego Show All-Stars

Ms. Regina always makes time for awesome athletes at
Cheer Power Competitions!

"I wanted to say THANK YOU to American Cheer Power for putting on one of the best events we have ever been to.  Every one of my kids, parents and staff enjoyed this past weekend, even before all of our amazing awards we won.  This competition will definitely be on our schedule for next season!
Julie Vandiver
Central Kentucky Athletics


"We had a GREAT weekend.  My daughter has been cheering for 9 years and this was our favorite competition so far!!!  You all threat the coaches and cheerleaders so wonderfully"
Dana Basham - Parent



"It was another great Nationals!  Everything ran so smooth and on time - especially for being such a big event.  The food was great in the coach's room.  See you in Galveston!"

CeCe Saunders
Kerrville Cougars

"I wanted to thank your company for putting on an excellent event in Huntington.  As always it went very smoothly and our athletes had a great time.  I want to give specific praise to all the staff who worked with our special athlete team The Sparklers.  From the photographer to the staff at registration we appreciate you!"
Jeanne Privett McKann
Beckley Allstars

"We have been competing with Cheer Power for 11 years and we LOVE IT!!!  Actually American Cheer Power is the ONLY competition that we have attended every single year!  Thanks for doing a GREAT job with your company!"
Michele Mastrianni
Director, Champion Allstars

     American Cheer Power is in its 34th year of business!  The company was founded by Regina Symons and her philosophy which revolves around the athletes!  Symons believes that athletes work hard at practice, compete hard at competition and should have fun at awards!  She also believes in rewarding the athletes for their dedication to the sport of cheerleading!
   We are proud to say that in 2008 we became a part of the largest cheer company in the country today Ė VARSITY!  Varsity offers many opportunities for gyms with their Varsity Family Plan!  This is a HUGE BENEFIT to anyone competing with a Varsity brand company!  And with no brand requirement, you can attend any Varsity Brand Competition and still receive your rebate!
   Symons brought competition levels to Texas and was the first company to offer the LETíS CHEER division where no tumbling was needed in order to feel successful against other teams of the same ability!  She believes that feeling success at one level will bring that drive to compete at another level

   Symons also believes no athlete should be left out!  Cheer Power SPONSORS ONE ATHLETE per team (regionals only) to help out those gyms that give so much to their athletes as well.  We also give 3rd family member discounts for families with multiple children competing!  We will be giving SPECTATOR ENTRY FEE DISCOUNTS to our Grandparents 60 and older along with our Military (with active ID)! 

     Join the Cheer Power Family!  Cheerleading is a family affair and everyone likes to get into the sport!  PARENTS win big at Cheer Power Competitions!  Athletes nominate their parents and grandparents to win a Cool Mom shirt, Cool Dad Hat or Cool Grandparent prize at regional events.  There's a big Cash Prize at the end of the season for the ultimate COOL MOM & DAD!  Remember to bring your spirit to Cheer Power Competitions!  We recognize parent groups in the stands that bring signs and dress in team colors with PARENT SPIRIT AWARDS!  Cheer Power is still the home of the PARENT CHALLENGE.  YOU help us make competitions FUN for the athletes!  We also give a cash PARENT APPRECIATION PRIZE at Southern and Midwest World Bid Nationals to one lucky parent at each event!  If you catch a Tshirt during the YMCA song at awards, go to Registration and fill out an entry form! 

   Individual Events are important at Cheer Power.  Stronger individual skills transfer to team skills.  Individuals can compete at select events and win Jackets at Individual Nationals.  Jackets are also awarded at the Individual High Point Awards at the RED CARPET EVENT. Learn more about Individual High Point by clicking HERE.  Remember, Individual Video Bids can count toward High Point! 

    Bids Bids Bids!   Cheer Power has over 200 Bids to give away for Cheer/Dance Worlds, Orlando Summit, D2 Summit and Dance Summit! 

   World Bids will be given in Texas for Dance and in Ohio for Cheer!  Compete at CASH BASH in Texas where $20,000 will be given away to high scoring teams in both SMALL GYMS AND LARGE GYMS!  No one will be left out in this ONE OF A KIND CHAMPIONSHIP! 

     Cheer Power has always been a big supporter of the NSPA and SMALL PROGRAM CHAMPIONSHIPS for gyms with 125 or less.  Lots of Orlando Summit and D2 Summit Bids to win at the 2-Day D1 D2 Bid Championship in Grapevine, TX at the BEAUTIFUL GAYLORD TEXAN RESORT!  This is an event you need to put on your calendar!

     NOW - ALL All-Star Teams in every state can qualify to win Jackets, a Banner and Recognition with the VARSITY CONFERENCE CUP CHALLENGE!  This replaced the Battle for Texas and Midwest Champion and now includes 5 Regions -- Northeast, Southwest, Southeast, Midwest and West Coast -- so EVERYONE HAS A CHANCE TO QUALIFY AND WIN!  If you place 1st - 3rd at Any Varsity Brand Competition (in any state) you win points -- 20 for first place, 15 for second and 10 for third.  Compete for points in your region and at the end of the season, the teams with the highest points in each division WIN!  5 Regions in the USA with winners in each!
CLICK HERE to see photos of the 2016 winners.  Your teams may already qualify if you compete 5X with any Varsity Brand!

   Cheer Power is thankful for all of the COACHES out there that have given so much to our sport and to each athlete that they train!  Athletes can nominate their coaches online for the MY COACH ROCKS Awards, given out at Mini-Nationals, Tournament of Champions, D1 D2 Championship and National Championships!  We also give COACHING STAFF OF THE YEAR Awards for Individual, Cheer and Dance!

WE are thankful for all of our supportive parents that attend all of the competitions and stay late for individual events!  We are AND ALWAYS WILL BE THANKFUL FOR OUR AWESOME ATHLETES!  THEY ARE THE TRUE STARS OF OUR SHOW!

Watch for the Cheer Power
18 Wheeler to roll into your town with the latest
in spring floors, sound equipment and special awards for all the athletes!