Ms. Regina and our announcer Danny

SPOTLIGHT ON AMERICAN CHEER POWER - An interview with Ms. Regina Symons and Information on this year's season:

Cheer Power has  been around for over 35 years bringing amazing competitions to talented athletes, dedicated coaches and supportive parents.  When the Cheer Power trucks roll into town, you KNOW the event will be FUN!  Founder and President  Regina Symons explains why Cheer Power Championships are an exciting addition to any gymís season schedule!

What makes Cheer Power so much fun for the Athletes?
"Cheer Power has always been a trailblazer in the cheer industry, but we always strive to set ourselves apart by making our events FUN for the whole family.  We have something for everyone!  Our main focus is Always on the Athlete and rewarding their hard work while keeping them safe while they compete.  We are well known for our generous awards with Jackets for National Champions, and we brought competition levels to Texas because safety was so important to us."

Tell us about the history of Cheer Power.
One of the things we are famous for is that we brought competition levels to Texas and were the first company to offer the LETíS CHEER division where no tumbling was needed in order to feel successful against other teams of the same ability!  We believe that feeling success at one level will bring that drive to compete at another level.  Cheer Power also believes no athlete should be left out!  We SPONSOR ONE ATHLETE per team (regionals only) to help out those gyms that give so much to their athletes as well.  We also give 3rd family member discounts for families with multiple children competing!  We will be giving SPECTATOR ENTRY FEE DISCOUNTS to our Grandparents 60 and older along with our Military (with active ID)!  We are proud to say that in 2008 we became a part of the largest cheer company in the country today Ė VARSITY!  Varsity offers many opportunities for gyms with their Varsity Family Plan!  This is a HUGE BENEFIT to anyone competing with a Varsity brand company!  And with no brand requirement, you can attend any Varsity Brand Competition and still receive your rebate!

We love our Cheer Power Parents!
Parents like being part of the fun and we appreciate them!  We have the Parent Challenge that lets parents perform at most Championships, Cool Mom, Dad and Grandparent prizes, and Parent Appreciation Award of $500 in the north and south!  We love Show Teams, they are the athletes of the future.  Kids can Trick-or-Treat our vendors if they wear costumes to our Halloween Championships as our Regional/Open competitions are all Themed for holidays, patriotic, Christmas with Santa, 50ís and Wild West!  One thing unique to Cheer Power is our Graduating Senior shirts.  Every graduating senior gets a free Senior shirt at Nationals and they wear them proudly!  We hope they cheer in college or come back as coaches! 

We love our Cheer Power Coaches!
We Love Our Coaches!  We know the many hours of dedication coaches give to make their programs and athletes a success.  Cheer Power honors coaches with Coaching Staff of the Year Awards for D1 and D2 in at both Southern and Midwest Nationals and Dance Nationals. Each staff receives a special award.

Award Ceremonies are FUN FUN FUN!*
If youíve never been to a Cheer Power Award Ceremony, you are missing out!  We start with a little dancing and the parents love catching T-shirts during the YMCA song!  We have birthday ribbons, a beach ball challenge, Awesome Athlete T-shirts for kids with great attitudes nominated by their coaches, specialty awards:  travel team, participation, choreography, showmanship and of course Parent Spirit plaques for the best fans in the stands!  This is in addition to trophies, satin banners, 1st-3rd medals, jackets, rings and of course $20,000 in cash awards to D1 and D2 at Cash Bash Championship in January. (*At Nationals due to time constraints, not all of these activities may be included.)  NEW THIS YEAR - cool baseball jerseys for Cash Bash and Bid Championship Champions!

Earn your BIDS with Cheer Power!  
Cheer Power gives away over 200 Worlds, Summit and The U.S. Finals BIDS!  World Bids will be given in Texas for Dance and in Ohio for Cheer!  Paid and At-Large bids to The Summit and D2 Summit are listed on our Competitions web page.  Exciting changes to the Wildcard Summit Bids!  5 Straight to Finals!  See our Summit web page for details.

WE are thankful for all of our supportive parents that attend all of the competitions and stay late for individual events!  We are AND ALWAYS WILL BE THANKFUL FOR OUR AWESOME ATHLETES!  THEY ARE THE TRUE STARS OF OUR SHOW!

Watch for the Cheer Power
18 Wheeler to roll into your town with the latest
in spring floors, sound equipment and special awards for all the athletes!

American Cheer Power Cheerleading Competitions

American Cheer Power
201 Spruce   Dickinson, TX   77539

Ms. Regina with grandaughter Brinley at a
Cheer Power Competition!

Ty Symons, Vice President
of American Cheer Power
Symons runs the production of all Cheer Power events
and was in charge of the
D2 Summit in Tampa!

Ms. Regina
makes time for our Awesome Athletes!


"I coach a special needs cheer team and have been doing this for about 3 years. This is the very first competition where all my parents were able to get in for free!! They were in tears of joy - some of them who had already paid for their tickets got reimbursed. This has never happened at any other competition before and we are beyond thankful. The fact that each athlete got individual big trophies left not only myself but my coaching counterpart as well, in tears. Cheer Power puts on a top notch competition.  It is very refreshing to come to one where a group of special needs kids feel welcomed and accepted. On behalf of my teams, parents, and coaching counterparts, I want to say THANK YOU.  I could go on and on about our experience. We even got coaches gifts as well as free admission!  Again thank you for caring for our special needs community as much as we do!!!"

GymEtc. All Star Heroes

"I just wanted to thank you for an amazing cheerleading competition this weekend in Ohio. It was our first time attending and our program greatly enjoyed it. The staff was awesome. The competition was extremely well run. And as a coach the most positive thing I saw was super positive judges comments to go along with the critiques. And the critiques were written positively and didn't undermine our athletes! "

Again, thank you for such a positive experience for our athletes. We would love to make that 6 hour trip again next year 😊."

Tracy and Brett Derr
Pennsylvania Elite Cheerleading, Inc.